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October 16, 2017

RepairShopr and RepairTech have merged!
Today we’re excited to announce that we – the people behind RepairShopr and RepairTech – have come together as one team. That’s right…we merged!

Before we go on, we first want to say that nothing is changing for the RepairShopr, Kabuto, and TechSuite products, and that you will see no difference to the products’ website URLs and logins, tech support, billing cycles, etc.

That said, we’d love to tell you about why we merged and what it means for our community (spoiler alert: it means good things :).

Over the past five years, we’ve all become part of an industry that we care deeply about. From break-fix repair shops to IT pros and managed service providers (MSPs), it’s an industry that includes small businesses, startups, and large enterprises alike, all tackling big problems for their customers.

Over those years, we’ve seen a trend where computer repair shops evolve over time, some moving into new repair domains – like mobile devices, electronics, or even drone repair – while others offer IT support services for their residential and business customers.

RepairShopr was designed to support businesses within a variety of repair verticals as well as the business-side of managed services, while RepairTech’s light-weight RMM product, Kabuto, was developed to help repair shops evolve into residential MSPs.

By merging, we’ve created a team that knows the full break-fix-to-MSP spectrum extremely well, allowing us to combine our expertise to build better tools faster while supporting the entire industry. Having more experienced people on one team – from product development and engineering to marketing and customer support – means we have more resources to continue developing our products.

Since coming together, we’ve done a lot, including:

1. Developed Recur – A recurring invoice platform that enables automatic billing for residential MSPs and enhances the integration between Kabuto and RepairShopr.

2. Revamping RepairShopr’s UI – A much-requested project that’s currently being tested thoroughly in closed beta, made possible due to design resources and expertise from the team formerly known as RepairTech. We’ll be releasing pieces over the coming months – stay tuned!

3. Announcing Kabuto Live – coming soon! We’re excited to share that Kabuto’s own remote session tool is in the final stages of development! Easily the most requested Kabuto feature ever, we’re building Kabuto Live several times faster due to our combined engineering resources. We’re currently beta testing Kabuto Live and a public launch is planned for the next month or two. Stay tuned for more

Today we’re also excited to announce the open beta launch of a new platform for MSPs, called Syncro.

By coming together as one team, we’ll be able to continue building and evolving RepairShopr, Kabuto and TechSuite for break-fix shops and residential MSPs, while now also offering a solution for business MSPs.

We’re super excited to continue supporting our products and serving an industry we are so passionate about. Internally we call our new combined team Servably Inc, but the products you know and love will continue to exist in the same way, from their names to website URLs, product development, technical support, billing systems, and everything in between.

We know you may have some questions, so we’ve included answers to some anticipated FAQs below. You can also submit questions to [email protected] or [email protected] and someone from our team will be happy to help you.

I liked both of your companies on your own already. Why did you merge?

The simple version is that we saw that for RepairTech to keep growing, they would need to build a CRM and billing platform. That’s a huge project and isn’t the core value of TechSuite and Kabuto. Similarly, RepairShopr kept getting requests to offer remote management and remote support tools. Our teams really liked each other and had collaborated a number of times (RepairShopr was the first platform to integrate RepairTech’s tools). And it seemed a shame to compete against each other when we saw we could bring our suite of tools together to build something better for users. This meant we weren’t wasting time duplicating each other’s efforts. This all ends up benefiting the community with developer time going to collaboration rather than competition — which reflects our core belief in the power of teams and software.

So when did you merge?

Paperwork-wise, we actually merged at the beginning of the year. But with two remote teams (RepairShopr around Seattle and RepairTech in California) we wanted to give ourselves time to get to know each other and how we all wanted to work together. Over time we began learning each other’s code bases, drawing from the strengths of both our company cultures, and just getting to know each other as friends. We also knew that we wanted to work heads down on a few bigger projects – like RepairShopr’s interface, Recur, Kabuto Live – and then let our communities know as we were approaching the public launch of those. With those new features on track for going live in the near future we decided the time was right — and so now we’re sharing the news with everyone.

I am a RepairShopr and/or RepairTech customer. What do I have to do now?

Nothing. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, but you can continue using RepairShopr, Kabuto, and TechSuite as normal.

Will my billing, tech support, or login information for RepairTech or RepairShopr change?

Nope! It’s business-as-usual for RepairShopr, Kabuto, and TechSuite.

I have some questions. Where do I email?

You can continue contacting the existing customer support email addresses for the product(s) you use.

RepairShopr: [email protected]

Kabuto: [email protected]

TechSuite: [email protected]